Vibrant Frog jumping for joy with Doltone House

Adelaide, an Operations Rock Star at Vibrant Frog an implementation specialist, was tasked with producing a spectacular event for her client. Adelaide chose Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf and was delighted with the result. She said, “our event at Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf remains our favourite… ever.”

As event industry veterans Doltone House understand just how important it is for both guests and event organisers to feel supported throughout the entire event experience, from initial enquiry to final bump-out.

“Throughout the entire bump-in, event and bump-out process, absolutely everybody was fantastic. They went above and beyond to let us know they were there if we needed help – and they genuinely wanted to help and were happy to.”

Adelaide and her team frequently work with clients to shift perceptions and to become open to new and different ideas, so it was important the team at Vibrant Frog worked with people who could do things differently. “The team had a “can-do, of course” attitude which was lovely. Nothing was too hard for anybody and they made my experience, as well as the rest of the Vibrant Frog team, so much better.”

With over 100 people attending their event, food played a key part in making the day a success. “The food was amazing. Personally, I’m a picky eater and I kept going back for food between running around. Everybody commented on how nice it was.”

Overall Adelaide said, “The event was fantastic.”

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