Laugh Your Head Off for a good cause

After her own experiences with cancer, Martha wanted to do something to give back or ‘pay it forward’, so the ‘Laugh Your Head Off’ Fundraiser for Brain Cancer was held, to raise seed money for ongoing patient support and care.

Faced with a large and overwhelming task, Martha, inexperienced in organising large events, relied on the unwavering support of a team of volunteers, friends, community and event staff at Doltone House to help make this event a huge success.

The fundraising gala was held at Doltone House Hyde Park, with Martha saying, “Doltone House was the perfect location and venue to attract guests and to host this night of paying it forward.”

The event entertainment included dancers in feathered headdress, a comedic MC and a professional comedian who ensured all the guests ‘laughed their heads off’ for a very serious cause. A performance by a world-renowned speed painter wowed guests and one of Australia’s leading auctioneers was on hand to auction off premium artworks and prizes throughout the night to raise funds.

Martha had nothing but praise for Doltone House and their staff who helped to make the event a success. “Philanthropy, fundraising and functions, everything worked so well at Doltone House. I have so much gratitude and thanks for their help in making our event a success.”

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