Love by Association

In 2016, Arinex was challenged to find a venue which suited the needs of their client and was cost effective for an association with a limited budget.

“We approached Doltone House, who were flexible and competitive in their pricing.”

Held at Jones Bay Wharf, 150 people attending the biennial ACWA Conference and Awards Dinner where the event utilised existing decorations.

“By chance Doltone House were hosting a “business showcase” on the same day. We were able to use the pre-existing theming from the showcase as a value add to the client, who immensely enjoyed the experience.”

Bohemian lanterns, chandeliers, coloured draping and cushions decorated the room, impressing guests and greatly enhancing the atmosphere of the event.

Nikkita from Arinex was thoroughly impressed with the quality and service Doltone House provided saying; “the flexibility in providing a venue despite other business commitments was great. Good food and friendly helpful staff onsite.”  

The event was a huge success, the client and all who attended were thrilled with the night.

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