La Familia values

Family has always been important to Philip Iacovou, Managing Director of Lefand Group and is reflected throughout his business culture. When planning their annual event Philip wanted a venue that reflected his values so Doltone House was a natural choice.

“Family values rest at the core and lay the foundations of our company. For this reason, we like to deal with like-minded companies such as Doltone House.”

Having worked closely with Doltone House for several years, Lefand Group returned to host their third annual Building and Property Summit. Over 500 guests attended the Summit at Jones Bay Wharf making use of three Doltone House spaces; Soho, Heritage Room and The Loft.

“Paul Signorelli and his team assisted us initially in creating an event which also reflects on our company. Today, we stand proud as having one of the largest property events of the year and the back-up and support that Doltone House has provided to us, has been priceless. Thank you to our la familia at Doltone House for all of our events.”

The Lefand Group continue to be impressed with the professionalism, quality of the food and hospitality provided by Doltone House staff both in the lead up to and during their event.

“The Doltone House staff both prior to the event and on the day were fantastic! Our ideas and requests were never an issue and any challenges were met with professionalism and a smile. Our event was a huge success and we have locked in the same three venues for our next Building and Property Summit in May 2020.”


Company: Lefland Group

Venue: Jones Bay Wharf

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