Happy bride became a lifelong friend

On 29 May 1976, Lynette Gray celebrated one of the most memorable days of her life, her wedding day.

Held at Doltone House Sylvania Waters, Lynette’s day was carefully thought out, perfectly catered and meticulously designed to ensure that each and every detail was perfect. From the pressed white tablecloths to the polished silverware, the wedding was everything Lynette had dreamed about.

“The service at our wedding was outstanding. Dolly and Tony (Doltone House’s original owners) were excellent hosts. I used to answer the bell for him at the bank where I worked, so Tony gave me a bell to ring if I needed anything at my wedding.”

After having children, Lynette was employed by Doltone House for 10 years, first working in the kitchen, and then waitressing before moving to the role where she booked weddings and showed the venue to prospective clients. “My husband and I often did night showings so Jeff and Rhonda (Dolly and Tony’s children) could take some time off.”

Almost 30 years later in October 2005, Lynette’s daughter, Natasha, followed in her mother’s footsteps and held her own wedding reception at Doltone House. “The staff were so helpful and professional. The food was exceptional, and we had Jeff as our MC for the wedding.”

Throughout the years Lynette has attended several different functions at Doltone House and has found that the high quality of their events remains consistent. “The service never falters neither does the food. I made many friends and saw many happy brides. I have fond memories of Doltone House and the people.”

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