Celebrating family ties

Belinda has always had a strong connection with Doltone House. Her grandparents, Dolly and Tony Stubbs, were the original owners and creators of Doltone House and instilled in her a love for the venue.

“All the special events in my family’s life have been at Doltone House.”

In 1974, Belinda’s parents Rhonda and Jeff Willson, celebrated their engagement at Doltone House Sylvania Waters, followed a year later by their wedding.

My parents got married at Sylvania Waters, as did my brother. We held both our 21st there too and even my Nanas 90th birthday.”

In 2007, when Belinda was looking for a venue to host her wedding, there was no other option, it had to be a Doltone House venue. With 188 guests attending, Belinda chose the newly opened Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf where her black and white theme complemented the venue perfectly.

Belinda’s day was flawless, she was thrilled with everything from the room set up to the food, everything exceeded her expectations.

Doltone House has played an integral role in Belinda’s life, present in all her major milestones and her family continue to choose Doltone House for all of their family functions.

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