Doltone House, the good luck charm

Without fail, every Monday from November 1970 until June 2014 Doltone House Sylvania Waters played host to a weekly tradition – the Miranda Rotary Club meeting. Former president of the Rotary Club of Miranda and Rotary District Governor (Sydney), Philip Whyte, hardly missed a week.

“Us members became a part of the Doltone family, and many larger events and meetings were held over the years.”

At its height, Doltone House would provide up to 60 meals for Rotary Club members, with special occasions attracting up to 300 guests. All the members always received a warm welcome from “both the Signorelli family and the staff.”

“Rotary events have also been held by other local clubs and on a larger scale at other Doltone House venues, demonstrating the same dedication to our community values.”

Over the years the Rotary Club hosted many events at Doltone House from fun family-focused events to hosting former Prime Minister, John Howard. Doltone House was very much an integral part of the Rotary Club of Miranda and vice versa.

When the Rotary club folded in 2014, the club volunteered to remove the iconic Rotary Wheel from its location at Doltone House Sylvania Waters. Executive Chairman, Paul Signorelli, was adamant ‘The Wheel’ remain at Doltone House. Like his father, Paul believed the Rotary Wheel was a good luck charm. The Rotary Wheel remains on the grounds of Doltone House Sylvania Waters to this day.

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