Expert Tips for Picture-Perfect Wedding Photos

After months of meticulous planning to ensure every detail is nothing short of perfect, every bride dreams of looking back on their photos with awe at how beautiful and in love they looked.

For many couples, it will be their first time in front of a professional camera, and while your photographer will always work to capture you in the most flattering light, there are some tips that you can practice yourself to ensure your wedding photos are absolutely picture-perfect. We spoke to Darin Collison, a Melbourne based wedding photographer, who was happy to share their best tips:

Stay Relaxed

On average a wedding photographer takes around 3000 photos in a full day wedding shoot, and while many of these will be captured naturally as they day unfolds, the formal pictures that follow the ceremony with your family and bridal party can take a while, and you may feel your face starting to hurt from all that smiling. If you start to feel that your eyes are squinting, your smile is stiffening or your brow is furrowed, feel free to push the reset button. Relax your face by closing your eyes and letting your lips fall back into place. Don’t be afraid of asking the photographer to count out loud while your eyes are closed, and open them on three, turning on your best smile.

Expert Tips for Picture-Perfect Wedding Photos - Doltone House

Get Candid

For more candid photos (with real emotion), just have fun! When you’re relaxed and natural, your wedding pictures will reflect this. It’s normal to feel stressed out during the day, your mind may be racing about something running late, important people missing or some other detail. If you’re constantly stressed, you will appear stressed in your pictures. However, if you’re having fun, this will translate in your pictures. Understand that things will go wrong, so just take a deep breath, go with the flow and have fun!

Practice Posing

You may hate getting your picture taken, but you will be the centre of attention on your wedding, and you’ll be getting your picture taken again and again and again. If you are camera shy, make sure you practice before your big day. It really goes a long way. A good pose to practice is the celebrity pose. You need to stand with your hips rotated 45 degrees away with your camera, place your weight on your back foot and cross the other leg in front, elongating it. Make sure the foot is pointed towards the camera and your knee is bent so you don’t look stiff. Place a hand on your hip and smile! You can also find posing inspiration in Pinterest boards, blogs or wedding magazines. Look at poses from real brides, and replicate those poses in front of a mirror.

Expert Tips for Picture-Perfect Wedding Photos - Doltone House

Choose Your Make Up Artist Carefully

Good makeup artists know what looks great on camera. Professional makeup will give you a natural glow while making you feel glamorous; it won’t just look good in person, but you’ll look like a million bucks on camera as well. Have your photographer capture you ‘getting ready’ as your makeup artist transforms you into a bride. Emotions will be high when you see yourself for the first time.

Stand Up Straight

Good posture is vital. Slouching won’t do you any favours, so when getting your picture taken, always think about standing like a ballerina. Put your shoulders back, push your chest slightly forward and pull your bellybutton in towards your spine. It’s important that you stay relaxed while having a good posture, so take some deep breaths and let go of the tension in your jaw, neck and shoulders.

Photography and comments courtesy of Darin Collison Photography


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