Facebook: 3 Quick Fixes to Drum Up More Event Planning Business

Coming up with business event ideas is hard, let alone also taking into consideration the need to keep new business coming in on a continual basis. Though difficult, in recent years, with the advent of social media, Facebook has quickly solidified itself as one of the simplest, most effective marketing tools a corporate event planner can use.

 Regularly engaging upwards of 19 percent of the world’s population in just over a decade of existence, Facebook is a marketing tool of which your event planning must take advantage.

 So, how can Facebook be used—in conjunction with an event you’ve already scheduled, mind you—to drum up more business event ideas and clients? To be honest, it’s really quite simple. The following three quick fixes will help you get your Facebook marketing back on track in a timely manner:

1) Activity Before an Event

Using your business’ official Facebook page, create a new event and fill in any and all relevant details—who, what, when, where and why. Additionally, take some time to take care of the aesthetic side of things, adding any relevant images and promotional videos to the event’s page.

Seems like a no-brainer, right? It really is, but you’d be surprised as to how many corporate event companies neglect to do this. Sure, these simple business event ideas help promote work that’s already been won, but they also—at the exact same time, oddly enough—further your networking activity by way of social professionalism. In an industry that’s dominated by word-of-mouth marketing, this is extremely important.

2) Activity During an Event

 What better way to showcase your ability to create and implement top-notch business event ideas than using Facebook to put them on full display in real time? Honestly, though Twitter might be a more ideal outlet through which on-the-go highlights can be shared, by no means should Facebook be ignored.

Even better, before an event starts, take a moment or two to link your Instagram to your Facebook. That way, each image or video clip can be shared to both places at the same time. But the real key to Facebook mastery has little to do with mere posts, and everything to do with participant engagement.

Both before and after a business event takes place, reach out and make comments, pose questions and tag event participants in published media. By so doing, not only will those who were in attendance see what transpired, but their friends and followers will, as well. The exponential power of Facebook marketing, especially as far as business event ideas are concerned, is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

3) Activity After an Event

As soon you and your team have cleaned up, begin posting to your company’s Facebook page, once again. If you’ve done things right, you or a coworker will have spent a good portion of the function capturing entertaining photos and video snippets.

As previously mentioned, keep the excitement of your business event’s happenings alive by posting frequently as soon as things are finished. That said, in subsequent days and weeks, remind those who were present of the great time they had through a few more well-crafted posts. The longer your content is being interacted with, the more likely you are to see an influx of new business.

Seeing as how 71 percent of online adults actively use Facebook, there’s simply no excuse for not taking to the social channel to further your business event ideas and brand. Yes, it’s yet another thing to worry about, but the end results almost always justify initial sacrifices when Facebook is being discussed.

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