Chinese Website Launched at Dreamtime 2017

The new Chinese Doltone House website was launched at the start of this month to tie in with Tourism Australia’s signature incentive product showcase, Dreamtime 2017. As more than 100 national and international buyers converged in Brisbane, we were pleasured at the opportunity to showcase our new website, designed to meet the needs of a growing number of inbound incentive travel groups from China.

The newly designed site embodies our commitment to the needs of this growing market, providing Chinese travel agents with accessible venue information and specialised event package details in Mandarin. Rich in imagery, the site showcases the spectacular Sydney Harbour and CBD locations of our Sydney venue collection, with a summary of incentive group experiences and sample menus on offer for small, large and VIP Chinese incentive groups. The site also has a comprehensive section on local attractions and event services to assist agents in planning memorable Sydney events that will enhance their travel program. The new website went live on December 2, and is located at the new Chinese hosted address:

John Grealy, Head of Sales and Strategy at Doltone House said, “As one of the world’s largest economies, Chinese incentive travel groups are a very important market to Doltone House. We are committed to providing our Chinese delegates with a unique experience of Australia and we expect that this new website, as well as our Mandarin speaking staff, will facilitate communication and business within this growing market.”

We want the world to know about the unique incentive products and experiences available at Doltone House, and we think the buyers and media attending Dreamtime 2017 would be pleasantly surprised with our newly designed experiential packages.

Read more about our incentive travel packages here.

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