6 Tips to Make Your Corporate Event Planning Business Better Than the Rest

So, you’ve taken to business event planning and have seen some success. Things are going well and you’re routinely busy—a real blessing in such a competitive industry. That said, you and your business aren’t just looking to land occasional work.

Instead, you’re set on stepping up and distancing yourself from your competitors as one of the best business event planning experts around. While there are many ways to go about doing just that, in our experience, there are a select few things on which you and your team can focus to help get you there:

 1) Always Determine an Event’s Purpose

 There’s a reason this is the first item on our business event planning list—it’s probably the most important. Long before it comes time to book caterers and find the perfect entertainment for a project, you must first determine what you’re ultimately trying to accomplish.

 For example, if the purpose of an event is to drive sales, working alongside a client, you’ll need to organize a function that introduces and sells products without being pushy or cumbersome. Few companies operate this way, so if you want to be the best, make certain you’re doing this.

 2) Use of Technology & Social Media

 As more millennials make their way into the full-time workforce, they’ll be bringing with them their gadgets, gizmos and technological savvy. Regardless of your age, experience or level of industry know-how, you need to keep up to stay relevant.

 The best part about all of this, though? Technology and social media are incredibly useful in helping you perfect your craft of choice. Seriously, when sitting down for your next business event planning session, consider your clients’ goals and then determine which tools will help you both achieve and measure them. Professional efficiency has never been finer.

 3) Location, Location, Location

 No longer is this mantra only for entrepreneurs and real estate agents—it’s for corporate event planners, as well. When scouting out the perfect location for a client’s next conference, dinner or party, make finding a venue that’s close enough to your target audience to ensure a good turnout, while also keeping in mind the specifics of what the client is hoping for.

 Far too often do mediocre corporate event planners allow themselves to go back to the same ballrooms and conference halls so as to avoid extending any extra effort. You want to be considered one of the best, right? Making location a conscious emphasis of yours is a great way to go about doing it.

 4) Actually Pay Attention to Details

 Remember when you sat down to write your first résumé and included in your list of relevant skills that you were a “detail-oriented” worker? Likewise, most corporate event planning companies claim to specialize in the exact same thing—detail-driven planning and execution.

 The reality of the situation tells a different story, however. For you to further distance yourself from the pack, focus on building a truly memorable event for your clients through creative brilliance, but go out of your way to make any and all details as significant as can be. From food and gifts to the decorations themselves, do whatever it takes to make your business’ reputation stand out from the rest.

 5) Let People Be Themselves

 Business event planning isn’t all about keeping people in conferences, training sessions and workshops. It’s about providing a client’s devoted employees with a chance to learn and grow professionally, but also to let loose and enjoy a day outside of the office.

 Because of this, an exceptional corporate event planner gives people the time they need to be themselves and relax a bit. Besides, if you’d prefer that people don’t check their email and chat with coworkers when they’re supposed to be focusing on something else, it only makes sense to build in periodic breaks.

 6) Fun Trounces All In Importance

 It’s customary to save the absolute best for last, which is why making fun a priority when doing any business event planning takes up the final spot on this list. And not just any kind of fun, for that matter—genuine fun.

 Simply put, fun can’t be forced. Scott Westerfield, a famous American writer of young adult fiction, was once quoted as saying, “I can’t imagine anything worse than being required to have fun.” Truth be told, he makes a valid point.

At the end of the day, no matter how long you’ve been working to master business event planning, it takes each of the aforementioned—along with a host of other skills—to become the best. Though a lengthy pursuit, it’s a good goal and worthy of your time. The time is now yours to make it happen.


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