The Hair Accessory Every Bride Needs Now

Natural. Vibrant. Unique. Flower crowns could be the perfect accessory for every bride except for one thing: they don’t last more than a few hours.

Enter Naturae Design – a bespoke jewellery brand that specialises in handcrafted flower crowns made of antique and precious materials to love now and wear forever.

Exquisitely handmade in breathtaking vintage style, each crown takes its cue from nature and is inspired by myrtle crowns traditionally worn by Eastern European brides.

“I love leaves and small flowers,” designer Daniella Huijssen said in an interview with WhimMagazine. “[I love] the thought of wearing a crown of natural elements as a tribute to nature.”

Even better, Daniella notes that her stunning botanical creations can be worn long after the big day. “I want to my customers to know about the rich history of wearing natural elements in your hair – and that you can wear [these designs] to both formal and casual occasions.”

Naturae pieces are available online via and ship to Australia.




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