10 Venue Considerations For Large Events

Selecting a venue is one of the most important decisions planners face when organising an event. For large events, there are definitely more considerations to take into account to ensure everything runs smoothly. To assist, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most important venue considerations for large events. Keep these in mind when researching potential venues to ensure you aren’t met with any roadblocks as your event edges nearer.

1. Location

The location of your event venue is important for maximising attendance. Consider venues that are centrally located with excellent transport links and parking facilities. Venues that are close to attractions or which offer a view can be helpful in boosting attendance. See our Jones Bay Wharf, Darling Island and Hyde Park venues.

2. Price

Shop around for venues that are able to bundle costs into a package. At Doltone House, room hire, catering, equipment rentals, staff and styling can all be bundled into one fee. It is also worth researching specials and promotions to ensure you get the best price for your event.

3. Estimated Attendance

The number of attendees, seating capacity and minimums should be considered when selecting the perfect venue. Look for spaces that will fit your guests comfortably, keeping in mind whether you will require any large items or staging. Download our venue fact sheets to check venue capacities.

4. Catering

For large events, it’s best to choose a venue with a flexible on-site catering service. Find out what the food and beverage minimums are and plan a menu that suits your needs and target audience. Make sure you also consider whether your venue has a liquor license and experience in service of alcohol.

5. Facilities and Amenities

Look for a venue that has all the necessary onsite facilities and equipment you need to deliver your event. Some key elements to consider are; AV equipment, internet facilities, staging, microphones, dance floors, lighting, projectors, media walls, breakout areas, outdoor facilities and security. If you need to outsource extra services, see if the venue works with any preferred suppliers who can apply a discount. Download our venue fact sheets to check venue capacities.

venue considerations for large events

6. Ambience

Choose a venue with a setting and décor that will suit your event theme and appeal to your audience. Play close attention to the general feel of the venue and whether it reflects your event goals and brand identity. See our Heritage Wharf venue at Jones Bay Wharf, our opulent Hyde Park Ballroom and Sylvania Waters, which recently underwent an interior overhaul.

7. Wifi

Access to Wifi at your event is important for allowing participation and keeping your delegates connected throughout the venue. When deciding on your venue, do your research on whether they can supply enough bandwidth to facilitate mass usage. The price of Wifi connectivity varies a lot from venue to venue, so it can be worthwhile to ask these questions before you book. At Doltone House we are proud to offer complimentary high-speed Wifi connectivity for meetings and conferences, and competitive rates outside of these events.

8. Disabled Access

Fair access for all is an important consideration for large events. Ensure the venue you select is accessible for people with mobility, hearing and vision impairments. Collect information from attendees during the registration process and work with your venue to ensure all accessibility needs are met. Read the guidelines provided by NSW Government.

9. Proximity to Accommodation

For large events that are likely to bring in attendees from different areas, work with a venue with nearby accommodation. Some venues will have partnerships with local hotels and will be able to offer a discount on rates.

10. Reputation

The difference between a good event and a great event comes from experience. Working with an experienced event coordinator in the lead up to your event can help you avoid problems and ensure the event runs smoothly. Read up on reviews to gauge the venue’s reputation for service, catering the overall experience. See our more recent reviews for Hyde Park, Jones Bay Wharf, Darling Island and Sylvania Waters.



venue considerations for large events


The Doltone House venue collection can cater for events with up to 1200 guests. We are pleased to offer four unique venue locations with two waterfront properties in Pyrmont, another overlooking Hyde Park in Sydney CBD and the last near the Airport in the Sutherland Shire district.


Whatever the purpose, we have the experience and technical facilities to meet your needs. Our experienced event team will work with you in the lead up to your event to bring together a memorable experience that aligns with your brand

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